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New Spring Menu

Spring is in the air - blossoms, bees and sunshine. While we haven't had nearly enough rain, we can still celebrate the change of season.

We've been searching for inspiration and we've found way too much for one season.

We're starting Spring with a seafood bent, so check out our specials menu - Fritelle di Baccala and Octopus Salad, perfect on long summer nights.

Our Salmone pizza is super popular, so we'll keep that on through September and October. Meanwhile we've added a sopressa and goat cheese pizza - The Cabrita. A great mix of flavours that really pop in your mouth. Worth a try.

A few little changes in the restaurant have been happening.

Check our new mural near the takeaway counter. It took a few days by a local artist, but we're pretty happy with the outcome.

We've put new lights up outside so the al fresco area is better lit for the coming summer nights. It's a cheerful display that should encourage you to relax and linger with a pizza and a wine.

Buon Appetito a Primavera

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