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Puglia on a Plate

Our Sicilian night was a load of fun with a full house. Puglia , on April 7th, is almost booked out already and we're deep into our research and menu trialling.

Puglia is the 'heel' of Italy, with volcanic soils over limestone, warm weather and good rainfall. Puglia is the home of burrata - that delicious cheesy cheese that melts in your mouth and triggers so many endorphins - and masters of mixed antipasti plates, so we're definitely looking forward to this.

Puglia is the home of Primativo red wine which is a seriously bold and fruity wine, the grapes baked in the Mediterranean sun deliver dried cherry, raisin and licorice flavours. The same grape variety is grown as Zinfandel in Australia so you know it's going to be a big red.

Perhaps less well known are some of the white wines from the region - Fiano and Verdeca (primarily used in vermouth for it's neautral flavour and minerally notes). These are grapes very subject to their terroir and we're sourcing these to match with seafood dishes.

Join us as we travel through Italy with food and wine over the next 2 years. There's much to learn and even more to taste!

Book for one night or book for all events.

Call or email to reserve your place.

Remaining dates for 2020: April 7th - Puglia

May 12th - Abruzzo June 16th - Venetto July 14th - French Bastille Day celebration August 11th - Lombardy

September 15th - Liguria October 13th - Umbria November 10th - Lazio

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