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The Story of Bottega B - Why Bottega?

Husband and wife team, Antonio Mendes and Fiona Nicol, deliver something special to the town of Bundanoon: A truly authentic Italian dining experience, unique in the Highlands.


The menu draws from individual regions of Italy and is driven by seasonal availability - in true Italian style. Our food is for food-lovers; for those who want to taste their food and the passion that created it. Our food is not complicated, but authentic to Italian tradition and focussed entirely on seasonal produce to deliver the best flavours.

Impeccable service and fresh ingredients provide an exceptional dining experience in this little town.

The organic B references Bundanoon the township and the previous business of Bundanoon Pizza and Pasta, providing a link to the physical location and past identity.  Its organic nature represents the strong focus on seasonal and fresh food and the desire to use organic, locally grown produce wherever possible. 


Bottega is translated from the Italian as ‘the workshop of a major artist’. It is a word that holds many meanings for this restaurant.  A chef is a creative and food is the medium, truly an artist whose kitchen is their workshop. The word specifically recognises the past life of Antonio – a skilled photographer with four notable studios – all workshops in their own right.


And Bundanoon deserves a Bottega – with a potter’s studio as a close neighbour, a community filled with artisans, a local theatre company exploring local works in a theatre workshop environment, an active ukelele club and the Bundanoon Sings ensemble, Bundanoon is overflowing with creative talent. 

Bottega is the perfect word to reflect Bundanoon, and the perfect place to experience Bundanoon.


Fresh Produce

The best food is made from the best produce. The art of a good restaurant is built on respect for the produce and the producers. We source fresh wherever possible and will use the very best of imported produce when we need a specific flavour or quality. 


We make our dough from scratch in our kitchen - flour, salt, water, yeast and oil are all that's need to create beautiful dough. We leave it to rise for 24-36 hours before measuring and rolling the balls to allow a second rise before we make fresh pizza for you. This slow, labour intensive process creates a light airy dough that is easier to digest, cooks perfectly for the table and is still robust enough to travel for takeaway. 


Our toppings are cut fresh every day - cold meats are sliced in house, vegetables are delivered and cut fresh, sometimes within hours of picking. We make the napoletana sauce in house with the best Italian tomatoes and a blend of aromatics that is unique to Bottega. Every element of our pizza is thought through and managed to give you the best possible product.


At Bottega B, we refine our recipes to be consistent with the vitality of our products. Any meal should be the best that nature in conjunction with a chef can give - that's the magic of food cooked with love.

We buy fresh produce locally whenever possible - truffles, rocket, tomatoes, citrus and more.


We're keen to establish more relationships with local providers and growers to make our food even better, more sustainable and kinder to our environment. 

Contact us if you have fresh fruit, vegetables or produce. 

We also have a dedicated kitchen garden that supplies our restaurant with tomatoes, spinach, carrots, asparagus, capsicum, chilis and a range of herbs through much of the year.


Local Service

We are proud to serve authentic Italian food to the residents of Bundanoon and all the visitors our little village sees - especially during summer, over Easter and throughout the Brigadoon weekends. 

We're here from 5pm Wednesday to Sunday, including many public holidays. We're always happy to see friendly faces - old or new. 

We take great pride in employing local talent and have a team of 20 staff to keep the restaurant humming. We believe we have the best front of house staff in the Highlands - true professionals that make your visit more than a meal, but a memorable experience for everyone. You'll want to come back!

We're not your average pizzeria. Sure, we make our dough from scratch on premises with a long rise and a thin base; but we're a lot more than a pizzeria. This is true Italian dining in the Highlands of NSW. We like to experiment with seasonal produce and authentic Italian flavours; We have exceptional service in our restaurant and an ever changing menu of truly authentic and regional Italian meals

Book a table for a memorable experience, or pick up takeaway if you're after something more casual.

Gluten Free Options

We understand the challenges of a gluten-free diet, whether you're Coeliac or simply intolerant. 

Every effort is made to isolate gluten free products with separate utensils, ingredients, oil and processes. However, we handmake our pizzas and so we do have flour dust in our kitchen.

All our pizzas and pastas are available as gluten free. Because we use only fresh ingredients, we also stock gluten free crumbs so that we can make gluten free calamari and meat dishes on request. Please allow extra time for the cooking. 

We usually have at least one dessert on offer that is gluten free so you can satisfy your sweet-tooth as well.

Regional Dinners

We explore the regions of Italy through food and history. Our Regional Dinners are set menu events - limited to 35 people - on the last Tuesday evening of each month between February and November. 

When we visit a region, we research the local produce, history and land use and how that translates into the food of the area. We offer unique dishes that do not normally appear on restaurant menus. 

We match the wines to suit the food, so be open to new tastes and pairings. 

And with such an intimate number you can be assured of exceptional service throughout the night. 

Each course is explained by the owner and we source traditional ingredients where possible. 

Our regional nights are special - come and join us one Tuesday. 

Four or five course menu - $150 pp with paired wines. No BYO. $100 without wine.

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