Our Current Specials

Each month (and sometimes each week!) we have specials up on our blackboards. There will be specials for pizza, entrees, main and desserts. Occassionally our specials are dine-in only (depending on how they are made and presented) but often we can do them for take-away as well.


Pasta con fungi (vegan): A silky artichoke sauce with pan fried mushrooms and garlic on linguine (please request vegan to avoid a shaved parmesan garnish) - $22.50

Pasta alla Norcina: Handmade pork, garlic and mushroom sausage with cream and grated black truffle (locally sourced) served on strazzapreti pasta - $26.50

Salmone con ciliegia: Fresh salmon fillet with pickled cherries served on a roast fennel and potato mash - $33.50


Pumpkin Arancini - Gluten Free and Vegan, these little balls of rice and pumpkin are sweet and crispy. Served on a bed of our house-made napoletana sauce they're a perfect entree option (four per serve) - $15

Fresh Burrata:  A fresh burrata served with fresh cherries and mint.Served with crusty bread and sufficient for two to start the evening - $18.90

Zucchinni flowers: Market fesh flowers filled with a ricotta and pecorino mix with basil, lemon and chili flakes then fried. Dine in only - $15.90


Ciliegia: 'in bianco' - Seasonal cherries, caramleised onion, gorgonzola and mozarella. Finished with fresh rosemary and basil and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. 

Large - $25.50  Medium - $19.50   Small - $16.50

Haloumi e Nettarina: Napoletana sauce with prosciutto, grilled haloumi, nectarine, fresh rocket and balsamic glaze 

Large - $25.50  Medium - $19.50   Small - $16.50


Baked Ricotta Cheesecake - Light cheesecake served with a cherry compote - $11.90

Christmas Tart - Fruit mince tart served with vanilla bean gelato and gingerbread caramel sauce - $11.90


Limoncello pannacotta with tart cherry compote - Pannacotta lightly flavoured with limoncello and served with a tart cherry compote  - $12.90

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