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Sicily on a Plate

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Set menu dinner, focussed on the food of Sicily. Limited to 30 guests. $60 per person or $90 with matching wines. Each month in 2020 and 2021 Bottega B will host a dinner for a region of Italy. A chance to truly explore the food and culinary traditions of the country with a bit of history and fun in the mix. Find out why Italy is a food-lovers paradise and impress your friends with your ever increasing knowledge of Italian food! Book for one night or book for all events. Call or email to reserve your place.

Dates for 2020: March 10th - Sicily April 7th - Puglia May 12th - Abruzzo June 16th - Venetto July 14th - French Bastille Day celebration August 11th - Lombardy September 15th - Liguria October 13th - Umbria November 10th - Lazio

Italian laneway

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