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Covid-19 Response

You all know our restaurant is little - a maximum of 35 people can be seated when operating to capacity.

With the new space restrictions, our numbers will be forced down to 10 patrons and we think that's a pretty glum time for all concerned. So we've taken the decision to close the dine-in section until further notice.

We will maintain some tables outside (weather permitting) for those hardy souls that just want to get out of the house and have a meal. We will maintain a minimum spacing of tables and chairs and encourage you to spread out if you're dining with friends or family. Social distancing is important, but so is social contact in a safe environment.

We will continue to offer our extensive menu as takeaway, promote contactless payment, run food to the pavement and/or cars if required and we are investigating delivery options soon.

Our already stringent cleaning schedule has been ramped up to provide for constant sanitising of all contact surfaces - counter, door handles, EFTPOS machine, tablets, tables chairs etc. We cannot source hand sanitiser for love nor money, but we do have perfectly clean and available toilet facilities which we encourage you to use to wash your hands with soap and running water - still the best way to avoid contamination.

Our staff are the best - simply put. We love them all to pieces and we want them to stay safe. We have a strict 'no work' policy for anyone not feeling well or where a family member is unwell. It may mean there are times we are short on staff, but we will get through this with your patience.

Our kitchen continues to comply with all health requirements and our food is as fresh as always, cut and prepped on a daily basis for that night's service.

We will be making available an online ordering app which will require customers to register their phone and email addresses. Once registered (you can do it in-store or by email - you will be able to place an online order and even set up a 'favourite' order. Once we receive and acknowledge that order, we will set a pickup time based on our current demand.

If you'd like to register for the app now, please email us with the following information:

  • First and last name;

  • contact phone number;

  • email address;

  • street address if you think you might like a delivery option if and when we get that happening.

While we don't know what government decrees are coming in future, right now we intend to stay open offering fresh food and great pizza to the southern villages of the Southern Highlands as safely as possible. People need to eat, and everyone needs a pizza once in a while!

Stay safe and well, look after your loved ones and keep that social distancing happening.

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