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Entrees that will travel well so you can provide a delicious plate to start your meal at home

Antipasto Plate

Mixed plate with roasted artichoke, mixed olives, truffle salami, prosciutto, olive tapenade and grissini. Sufficient for two as served or upsize for four people.

$21 for two.

$35 for four

Burrata with chili oil

Fresh burrata (buffalo mozarella filled with strachiatelli cheese) served with house-made chili oil, grissini and pesto sauce. Perfect for two. Upsize for four people

$18 for two.

$32 for four

Eggplant Parmigiana

Layered eggplant, buffalo mozarella, parmesan, house-made napoletana sauce and basil, baked to golden brown. Serves two or upsize for four people

$18 for two.

$32 for four

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