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Bottega dell'Azzurra - Bottega B next door

You want to duck out for a pizza and share a drink with friends on a Friday after work, or Saturday after a day in the garden or running the kids round to sport.

You’re not after a formal two or three course menu…. Tapas could be perfect!

If only there were a Spanish restaurant in Bundanoon … but Italy has something surprisingly similar!

In Venice they have Cicchetti bars – they offer small plates to share with friends over a drink. Have one, have a few, have a pizza – as you wish.

So we’re opening next door as Bottega Dell’Azzurra. This is a casual dining venue with small plates and pizza only.
It’s casual, it’s relaxed, it’s fun and it’s BYO. All the things you love about going out for pizza.


Open Friday and Saturday evenings from 5pm – 8:30. Service is cheerful and casual, the menu is limited to small plates and pizza, BYO wine and beer.
It’s the perfect way to end the week, start the weekend or feed yourselves before (or after!) a show.

November 22 V1-1.jpg
November 22 V1-2.jpg
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