Winter is here

Regional nights 

Frosty mornings and crisp clear days - what better way to spend winter?

Our Eggplant parmigiana is on the menu with the cooler weather, This is unctuous with buffalo mozarella, fresh basil and eggplant melting into perfection.

Sticking with eggplant, we have a chargrilled eggplant with burrata and pomegranate seeds to open the appetite. 

Il Calabrese is a deliciously spicy pizza with 'nduja salami, tomato, capsicum, olives, caramelised onion and a lemon and parsley crumble. 

And we start our feast of the lamb with L'Agnello - marinated lamb with spinach, pine nuts, onion fresh rocket and pomegranate seeds. 

Finally we bring a new chicken dish to the table - Pollo con basilico - celebratinmg the magic that is semi-dried tomatoes and fresh and dried basil.

Winter may be upon us, but the variety doesn't stop at Bottega B in June

2021 is here - and regional nights are already in planning. Our dates are as follows: 

16 February - Calabria 

16 March - Puglia

13 April - Abruzzo

18 May - Veneto 

15 June - Piemonte -- Booked out

13 July - Emilia-Romagna - Booked out

17 August - Toscana - Filling Fast

14 September - Campania - Filling Fast

12 October - Basilicata

16 November - Sardegna - Filling Fast

These are set menu evenings which include matched wines - ideally from the region but sometimes we go further afield. 

Bookings essential. Come and explore unique dishes specific to a region that represent the history and complexity of Italian food and culture. 

$100 per person all inclusive. No BYO on these evenings.  


If you're not feeling well or have any of the following symptoms, we ask you not to come into the restaurant. If that means cancelling your booking, we will understand. 

We keep a waiting list to allow others to come in at relatively short notice if your plans must change. 

Symptoms to watch out for: 

fever, cough, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath,

runny nose, muscle aches, joint pains

Dining in the time of Covid

Our small space can only fit twenty people and maintain appropriate social distancing. We are open for reservations, but seating times are limited and we will likely have tables booked before or after you. 

If we are strict with our seating times, please be understanding that this is the only way we can make our little space viable under the circumstances. 

We are Covid compliant in all our practices.

We are recording names and phone numbers of all diners over the age of 16 via the Service NSW app, which will be a requirement of your visit with us.

Hand santisier is available on every table and at the counter. 

Please reserve a table by calling us or via an email. We will respond as soon as possible. 

Covid-19 Response

Here's some information on how Bottega B is responding to the increasing restrictions around Covid-19. 

As of 23 October, we can have a maximum of 30 people in our restaurant area to satisfy the 4m2 space requirement. 

We can have eighteen to twenty people in our dining room on a regular basis. We can usually accommodate 4 or 5 people in our takeaway waiting area, but if the marked spaces are occupied we ask that you wait outside. 

For private functions, when no takeaway is offered and staff numbers are limited, we can seat 30 people maximum.

Even though wearing a face covering is not mandatory in NSW, we feel it's important we help to reduce community transmission of COVID-19.

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Australia has this to say on the subject:


We are regularly sanitising the counter, EFTPOS machine, door handles, light switches and taps throughout our service period. We encourage our customers to use our handwashing facilities at the end of the hallway or to take advantage of the hand sanitiser provided at the counter and on every table. 

Our kitchen continues to maintain the highest level of hygiene in food handling and packaging so you can rest assured that your food is in safe (and very clean) hands.

Per government regulations we collect contact information for every diner over 16 years of age.

This includes a first and last name and either a mobile number or an email address. We will store the information for the required 28 days and then we will destroy it securely. It is an imposition, but it is something we must do to comply with the Health Department orders. We hope you understand, and while you have the right to refuse to provide the information, we will then be unable to serve you in our restaurant. 

Small Space, Special Menu

Coming in for dinner?

Looking for a coffee to finish a night out? 

We have a dine-in menu with seasonal monthly specials.

If you're after something a little different from the regular, or want to grab something to eat after a trip to the cinemas, come in and join us.

Table bookings essential.

Friday and Saturday nights we open 5pm till 9pm for dinner and till 10pm for coffee and cake.

Cozy and warm and popular with locals , great food, hot and very fast service . Must book as the place is quite small

Stuart, Sydney