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Covid-19 Response


We reserve this space for our seasonal ingredients - but these times are pretty unique, so here's some information on how Bottega B is responding to the increasing concerns around Covid-19. 

Our restaurant is little - a maximum of 35 people can be seated when our restaurant is operating normally.

We're bustling, buzzing and generally having fun.

With the new space restrictions, our numbers will be forced down to 10 patrons and we think that's a pretty glum time for all concerned. So we've taken the decision to close the dine-in section until further notice. 

We will maintain some tables outside (weather permitting) for those hardy souls that just want to get out of the house and have a meal. 

We will continue to offer our extensive menu as takeaway, promote contactless payment, run food to the pavement and/or cars if required and we are investigating delivery options soon. 

We will be making available an online ordering app which will require customers to register their phone and email addresses. Once registered (you can do it in-store or by email - info@bottegab.com.au) you will be able to place an online order and even set up a 'favourite' order. Once we receive and acknowledge that order, we will set a pickup time based on our current demand. Saves waiting on the phone - and we only have the one phone line, which we know can be frustrating.

Please understand that from a staffing perspective we cannot handle more than one phone line so we're sincerely hoping that online ordering will help relieve that congestion and also make your lives a little simpler.

New menu pricing

Update March 2020 - our suppliers are having difficulty with some key items in light of panic buying across the nation and increased demand for fresh meat products. Our prices may be a little fluid as we work through this scenario, but we will not be taking advantage of the situation, just trying to cover cost of goods so the we stay afloat. 

With the extended drought in Australia, bush fires all summer, Queensland floods in early 2019 (remember that far back?) decimating the beef cattle industry and swine-flu affecting large portions of the world's pork industry we have experienced a significant uplift in our raw-product costs - in some cases in excess of 30%. 

We can no longer absorb these increases and have had to re-visit our menus accordingly. 

We know there's never a good time for price increases, but we hope you understand our reasoning.

Fresh and seasonal in Bundanoon

Welcome to our world! The aroma of yeast and flour, fresh dough in the morning and the scent of simmering tomatos and garlic and basil...everything fresh and wholesome.

With the best products we can source locally, fine Italian ingredients to lift the soul and a lot of respect for our planet, we aim to bring you authentic Italian faire and incredible pizza. 

Small Space, Special Menu

Coming in for dinner?

Looking for a coffee to finish a night out? 

We have a dine-in menu with seasonal monthly specials.

If you're after something a little different from the regular, or want to grab something to eat after a trip to the cinemas, come in and join us.

Table bookings essential.

Friday and Saturday nights we open 5pm till 9pm for dinner and till 10pm for coffee and cake.

Cozy and warm and popular with locals , great food, hot and very fast service . Must book as the place is quite small

Stuart, Sydney