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Main Courses for four

Main course meals from our kitchen to your table.

Slow cooked meats, baked pastas and those dishes that take time and love to prepare. In some cases you may need to heat through or boil water for fresh pasta (that we provide) to ensure your meal is served in peak condition.

We package them for four people as standard

Lamb Ragu

Our signature slow-cooked lamb ragu with fresh papardelle pasta (requires 4 minutes of cooking in salted boiling water). Serve with fresh greens and shaved parmesan (provided) and a drizzle of olive oil for a beautiful dinner. We include a green salad to make a meal for 4 people.

$59 - serves four

Lamb Ragout.jpg
Venetian Chicken

A heartwarming shredded chicken bake in conchiglie (shell pasta), seasoned with garlic, rosemary, pinenuts and a creamy cheese sauce. Served with a rocket salad and bread rolls for four.

$49 - serves four

Beef Lasagne

Our signature slow-cooked beef ragu, layered in lasagne sheets with house-made bechamel and napoletana sauces. This is a house favourite and available from our standard takeaway menu as a single serve. We scale it up to provide you with a family meal and better value for money. We include a rocket salad to share and a serve of patates al forno to create a meal for four.

$49 - serves four

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